The Fair Sex

Throughline Theatre Company's 2017 Season

It’s been a long time, and in some places not even a moment, since Women were generally referred to as “The Fairer Sex.”  Women were considered a weaker segment of the population, a charge that needed Men’s protection from "dangers" like education and the vote.  We have made progress as a society, but questions of gender, sex, and equality have only become more involved in our current political climate.  Is there still a Fairer Sex?  Or is Fair Sex the new ideal?

Join us for our 2017 season, as we explore the evolution of Women’s role and rights from the past to the future.

This year we are moving into the Henry Heymann Theatre, which is housed in the historic Stephen Foster Memorial in Oakland. A new space and a new opportunity for us to bring challenging and engaging theatre to you. 

Throughline is an all-volunteer company and we need your help to continue to bring you the theatre that you love. Every year we do a theme that is relevant throughout time and this year is no different! Each of our fantastic shows is produced on a minimal budget - your money goes straight into the amazing works we produce. We show the people of Pittsburgh the massive amount of talent that exists here at home.

Any and all money you give goes directly towards improving the quality of productions that we present to the people of Pittsburgh.


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